Rural Ministry Scholar

Rural Ministry Educator, Consultant, Writer

As a rural theologian and educator, I offer courses to help clergy, laity, and churches explore the potentials of their rural places.

I work with theological schools, continuing education programs, regional denominational organizations, churches, and individuals.

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Sanctified Gossip

The story of the woman at the well from John Chapter 4 is a story I used to find annoying. I think, because it was an overdone story about Jesus being Jesus. It gets overused as a salvation story for a way of life that is no longer feels like an issue. Women, in general,Continue reading “Sanctified Gossip”

It bears repeating…

One thing rural communities rely on is repetition. Repetition creates consistency, memory, and tradition. This repetition matters, whether it is football of Fridays in the fall, the festival on the first weekend of May, or knowing who to call when someone in the community dies to get the prayer and meal train going. I’ve learnedContinue reading “It bears repeating…”