A rural theologian and Christian Educator in the foothills of of Western North Carolina.

I lives with my wife, Shannon, in Hildebran, North Carolina (District 12 of the Hunger Games movies). I hold a PhD in Christian Education and Congregational Studies from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary with a focus on Rural Ministry and Methodist Studies. My work includes presentations on Dolly Parton, articles on ditch lilies, and musings about the genius of mayonnaise.



I teach graduate level theological education for several schools across the US and Canada. My primary focus are United Methodist Studies and Rural Ministry. These include Sioux Falls Seminary, Wesley Theological Seminary, and Hood Theological Seminary.

Consulting and Workshops

I offer workshops and consultations for local churches, districts, and other organizations. These include United Methodist Studies and Rural Discipleship.


I offer continuing education courses and certifications in Rural Ministry, Christian Education, and United Methodist Studies for several institutions including Hood Theological Seminary, Hinton Rural Life Center, and the Institute for Discipleship.

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