Final Fragments: Easter

There are two main scriptures for today.

Click here for Mark & Click here for John

Both scriptures have a Jesus who will not be controlled.

Mark has a Resurrection with no appearance and the women run away.
(The gospel ends here, the rest is addendum to make it like the other gospels).

In John we have a Jesus who tells Mary not to hold onto him.
(The historic phrase Noli Me Tangere/Don’t Touch Me is here)

Yes, Jesus is alive. Yes, the resurrection has happened. But, what of it?

Both of these scriptures, if you choose to imitate Christ, remind you that you are imitating someone who acts outside the bounds of society in such ways that even being near him changes things.

The resurrection means something new is possible, but only if we don’t cling desperately to the life we have now.

The sun is rising. The future is coming. We can greet it, prepare for it, and anticipate it. Or, we can hide from it, ignore it, and hope it will pass us over. Regardless, it is coming, in fact, it is already here, loosed in the world. It will do what it needs to do, even if our response is the same as the last verse of Mark:

“Overcome with terror and dread, they fled from the tomb. They said nothing to anyone, because they were afraid.”

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