Day 12 – 549 Words

I spent a large portion of today editing video. Hence, the featured photo screen grab.

However, before that I was able to celebrate a student defending his Master’s Project and get my 500+ words complete. I’m starting to get to the point where I wonder if this is any good. I’m 25ish pages into this project, and I know it is likely going to be 150. I need to push through this self-doubt and imposter syndrome, and know that while its a rough draft, a very rough draft at that, it is something that has value and merit.

So, as I doubt myself, I need to remember, my ideas and thoughts are good, people want to read this book, and I know that rural communities are full of creative hope.

I also need to take a break from editing video.

Daily Word Count: 549

Challenge Total Word Count: 7316

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