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  • Day 4 – Ash Wednesday – 879 Words

    Day 4 – Ash Wednesday – 879 Words

    It’s Ash Wednesday. It’s a relatively new observance in my tradition, but I like it. It is both a reminder of mortality and a sign that spring is on its way. I have my windows at home and in my office open. I wrote quite a bit today, and the introduction is coming together. I […]

  • Day 1 – 526 words

    Day 1 – 526 words

    I’ve decided to take on a self-imposed writing challenge. My goal is to write approximately 500 words a day, every day from now until Easter (on April 17th). This is writing 500 words for fifty days straight (inclusive of Easter and today (Transfiguration Sunday). I’m using my blog as a space for accountability and updates […]

  • “Heavy dreams are for toting around”

    “Heavy dreams are for toting around”

    Mighty long shifts are for workingHeavy dreams are for toting aroundLet’s pretend there’s a place to goWhere I can lay this hacksaw down. Zack Bryan, “Quiet Heavy Dreams” This lyric gives some language to my feelings as of late. The past couple of years (not just the pandemic, but life itself) has been a mighty […]