Day 2 – 538 Words

I woke up early this morning, around 5:15am. The dogs were antsy, so I got up with them, made coffee and by 6:30, I was at the table writing. I knew I had to leave early today for work because I am the host for a nonprofit that was meeting at the church today. The words this morning came easily once the coffee hit my system.

After that, I went for a walk. There was frost on the ground, but I’ll be at church until like 9:00pm for a presentation plus other work. The walk was beautiful. Rosie and I did about one mile, including stopping to see her cow friends. I got a few pics of nandina and broom straw in the frosty sunlight.

My writing this morning was about night, and watching cars go by. I think watching the world go by is likely a form of meditation and reflection. It is not a passive act, but an intentional observing of the moments, days, and seasons.

This is likely the only frosty morning for a while, as we have temperatures in the seventies later this week. I’ll be able to read, write, and watch soccer on my porch soon.

Daily Total: 538
Challenge Total: 1064

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