Day 3 – 713 Words

This morning I received messages from someone who needed several things from me because of something someone else needed from them. It was an issue that was no fault of my own, and I let the person know I was working on a couple other things first.

I prioritized my writing and creative work. I want to count that as win for my writing. The urge there is always to jump at the urgency, but I was able to simply add it to a to do list, turn off the social media and email, light my candle, and start writing.

Today’s writing was a continuation of the writing I’ve been doing. Today’s writing also let me know that I was working on the introduction to the book, not the first chapter. I thought this would be sort of the first essay of five that demonstrate the goal of the book, but I think it’s better for me to put together the introduction first.

That urgency led to some stress later, but it would have been there anyway and I wouldn’t have gotten my writing done.

As I write this, I’ve just finished the last meeting of my Missions class for the term, and I was blessed by so many kind words from my students. So, regardless of the stress in the middle of the day, my day began and ended with my passions.

Now, since it’s Mardi Gras, I am having some red beans and rice, a donut, and wine.

Daily Total: 731

Challenge Total: 1777

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