Day 4 – Ash Wednesday – 879 Words

It’s Ash Wednesday. It’s a relatively new observance in my tradition, but I like it. It is both a reminder of mortality and a sign that spring is on its way. I have my windows at home and in my office open.

I wrote quite a bit today, and the introduction is coming together. I know that anger is what led me to apply for PhDs. This anger was from churches that seemed to do nothing in the face of shifting socio-economic realities. I know now it was not that they refused to engage, it was that they didn’t know how. It was also that the church was made of the very people suffering.

My hope is this book offers hope and possibility. Like Ash Wednesday, I want it to be a reminder of death, but also that new life is waiting just below the soil.

Daily Total -879 Words
Challenge Total – 2656 Words

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