Day 5 – 571 Words

Today’s writing came in three parts. It involved research. And didn’t prioritize it like I have for the past few days. But I got it done.

This is a reminder to re-prioritize. I got distracted by the endless emails, the news, the Twitter bird, and the needs that could have waited. Still, I got it done. There are dishes to be done, but I got it done. And I am thankful.

In other news, I picked up a new class yesterday that starts in two weeks, which is exciting and nerve wracking. When I told students about it, some of them actually told me they were rearranging their schedules to take it. That’s a humbling experience.

The rest of the day is dishes, pizza, and friends. And the weekend is mostly about soccer. But, regardless, I need to continue to prioritize the creative work.

Daily Word Count: 571

Challenge Word Count: 3227

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