Day 6 – 615 Words

This morning I drove into Charlotte to volunteer with my Charlotte FC supporters group at Second Harvest Food Bank. I was late. It was mostly my fault, but I will blame the wreck in Lincoln County for at least five minutes of my lateness.

Our job was sorting food donations. I have never seen so many dented cans. I enjoyed my time, and will likely join them again in the future. I also met some really interesting people. Good folks who love soccer and just want to hang out with other soccer fans.

After that, I came back to the office so I could get my scarf (and complete a short to do list that included writing goal for they day. Yesterday was statistics from the government, today led into the impact of the education system on the rural experience. I had a strange experience. I straddled the career/technical track and the college prep track because of my Agriculture Education courses. Yes, I was in FFA, I was a regional officer, and I have National Gold Medal in Forestry. I regularly use the knowledge and skills from those classes today, even if it’s just to show third graders how to turn their spit green.

Daily Word Count: 615

Challenge Total Word Count: 3842

Photo: Small group of supporters from Mint St. Mafia. Photo Cred: That guy in a Wisconsin T-Shirt

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